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We are a US based global non-profit organization committed to improving the lives of people by helping them become self-reliant. With support from people like you, our organizational partnerships & our financial commitment we support missions in Africa, the Caribbean, Far East & USA.

The WAY: Empowering Missions International (The Way: EMI) promotes social responsibility by creating self-sustaining life improving community projects which provide ownership & management and require community involvement.  We provide temporary assistance to ensure a successful outcome.

Our 2016 mission projects:

In September The Way: EMI “Partnered With A Purpose” to aid the missions of Young Generation Movement. The non-profit (501c3) organization mentors over 50 children and serves the community through weekly and monthly leadership programs. Click here for more information.

In September, The Way: EMI “Partnered With A Purpose” to provide emergency relief items to flood victims in Baton Rouge, LA. Click here for more information on the project.

The elders of the Aeta Clan have requested support in starting a pig farm. This would provide much needed funds and employment for the clan and create a self-sustaining project for the community. Click here for more information on the project.

This year the Medical Clinic at the orphanage in Rizul Philippines requested extended assistance from the organization.  Medical Supplies and equipment are purchased by the pound from MedShare International Organization facility in Decatur, Georgia and shipped by MedShare to the orphanage or via discounted Federal Express. Click here for more information on the project.

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We need volunteers and donations for our projects in Africa, the Caribbean, Far East & USA.

Please send tax-deductible (501c3) donations to
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